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I’m a little late with this particular news, as the anthology came out in December, but my story ‘What You Wish For’ was included in the anthology: The Invisible Collection, from Nightjar Press, edited by Nicholas Royle. I was honoured to be included along with writing from some amazing writers.

The story itself is a bit of a departure from the genres I’m usually drawn to write, and I’m not quite sure where it came from except that I wrote it in one sitting and allowed the anger that sometimes simmers within me, just below the surface, to come bubbling up. When I say that I wrote it in one sitting, I mean the first draft, of course. The edits and shaping of the story came a little later once the debris had settled. I submitted it with my usual, ‘It probably won’t get anywhere but what the hell,’ attitude and went back to working on my dissertation. So you can probably imagine my surprise when the acceptance came through.

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