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Hi Honey, I’m home!

here's johnny


*Pulls light switch*


“Oh hi! Is this still here?”

“I wonder if it still works?”

*Blows dust off the chair*

*coughs and splutters*

“Oh my, look at that spider’s web.”

*pulls spider web down*

*Spider comes running out with her front legs up in the air, ready to fight*




It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for staying away so long. I’ve been so busy. Where to start?  I’ll tell you what, while I try to decide what I want to blog about, I’ll do a weekly, writing-related A-Z. How does that sound?

Right then, starting with A.


We use allusion in our everyday conversation, often without realising, and it’s quite an easy tool to use in writing, as long as it’s not over-done.

So, what is it?

Have you ever known someone who tells a lot of lies, and told them that their nose ought to be a foot long with all the lies they tell?

That’s allusion.

You’re referring to the story of Pinocchio, whose nose grew an inch every time he told a lie. Instead of having to tell the whole story of Pinocchio, you can conjure up an image in their mind with just a few words, because they already know what happens.


When is it useful?

Allusion can be useful when you don’t want to go into a lengthy description of a cameo character. You can write, ‘Jenny’s husband  was a bit of a David Brent,’ and most people will get an immediate picture of the character and his personality.


Here are a couple more:

“She did a Cathy Earnshaw onto the bed and began sobbing.”








“She gave him a look that said, ‘bovvered?”







So, over to you. Give me an allusion you’re fond of using, or one that you can’t stand.